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Since 1982

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242 N. Vinewood St. Escondido, CA. 92029


Kotter's VW Service Inc. opened in 1982 when owner Tim Kotter was only 22 years old! Having grown up building model cars and attending car shows and car races, Tim's passion led him to auto service. His love for Volkswagen vehicles helped him decide to specialize in the repair and maintenance of Volkswagen vehicles. Schedule a service appointment by calling 760-489-6857 or visit the shop in Escondido today.

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We focus only on Volkswagens; therefore, we only use equipment that's geared toward Volkswagens - from our tools to our diagnostic scanner. In addition, our techs have over 70 years combined experience!

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At Kotter's VW Service Inc., we take pride in offering you the highest quality Volkswagen services. We pay close, personal attention to your concerns, and we take time to answer any questions you may have. With only one shop, we cannot provide excellent services on all brands. That's why we focus on just Volkswagens. In fact, stop by the office today and you'll see nothing but Volkswagens everywhere!

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At the age of 22, after working in two different shops, receiving my training and being given the responsibility of shop management, I decided to open my own shop. I had been working an Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, Volvo, and some Asian cars as well as Volkswagen. After working on so many different brands and models of cars, I realized that auto repair shops cannot be proficient all the time in everything about every brand and model of every car.


I wanted to be the very best at what I did and to invest all my effort and energy into learning as much as I could about one type of car. With all the changing technology, there is no way one person can maintain mastery in all that there is to know about every type of car. Keeping up with all the industry changes for every model of car would be cost prohibitive.


I enjoyed the type of engineering that Volkswagen used on their cars, plus I liked the unpretentious attitudes that V.W. owners have.  They seemed to really enjoy their cars and most of the time they were brand loyal. (Meaning, that as VWs evolved they would keep buying the newer models.) Everyone we met seemed to have a V.W.  story or know someone who had a V.W. somewhere along the line.


So in 1982 I chose to open my shop: Kotter’s Volkswagen Service.  All our tools, equipment, manuals diagnostic scanner computers are all geared exclusively towards Volkswagen. Even my office reflects my passion for Volkswagens. I have VW themed pictures and posters everywhere plus a 500+ model car collection that consists of all Volkswagens. Over the years I have owned many VWs. I still have quite a few.


Now 30 years later, things at Kotter”s VW have not changed. We still work exclusively on Volkswagen.  All our tools and diagnostic equipment have been kept up to date to make sure that we can give you the very best service and repair possible to your VW and keep it maintained properly.


My main technician has also been a Volkswagen specialist for 35 years plus.


I hope that you have enjoyed this story. Here at Kotter’s VW Service, we are committed to carrying on what we started 30 years ago to give you the excellence you deserve. So when you choose a repair shop do you want one that works on anything with wheels on it? Or do you want to put your VW in the hands of someone who knows, loves and breathes VW?


Thank you for reading.


Timothy Kotter

Owner /President of Kotter’s VW Service

Why We Just do Volkswagen

I was born in Superior, Wisconsin in 1959. I have lived in Escondido since 1961. I graduated from Escondido High School in 1977. I have always had a passion for cars and spent many happy hours as a kid building models of cars, as well as going to car shows and races. I further developed my knowledge of cars when my parents blessed me with a car that did not run. I was very motivated to learn not only how to make it run, but how to make it run well. I received further training at two local repair & engine rebuilding shops. After I gained experience, I opened my own shop in 1982. I have always loved and driven Volkswagens. I realized that V.W. cars and owners were unique; therefore I decided to specialize in V.W. repair. I have been in business now for 35 years. I like to give my customers friendly, personalized attention and to take the time to answer their questions about their cars. Many of my customers have stayed with me for many years and become my friends. Most repairs or service can be finished in the same day the car is brought to us. I would love to be of service to you.

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